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ManSpank.us Personals Stories

Visiting the city for a SpankingBluemoon12009-Jan-2021
SIR!!! YES SIR!!! USE THE WHIP SIR!!!!!buttwhipping12-Dec-2020
the witnessed spanking<anonymous>06-Jan-2019
That knock on the doorspankee18-Nov-2018
The Piano Lessonbeadbud500112-Sep-2018
the barber from Sokanespankypants02-Sep-2018
Spanking Lessons<anonymous>23-Aug-2018
Unusual Loversbeadbud500122-Aug-2018
Father Confessorspankypants21-Aug-2018
MM spanking, a pragmatic approach to disciplinespankypants21-Aug-2018
a philospphical spankingspankypants19-Aug-2018
a most embarrassing spankingspankypants29-Jul-2018
panty paddling dayspankypants07-May-2018
England, France, and underpantsspankypants19-Apr-2018
spanking day appoitmentspankypants24-Jan-2018
Hard spankings and happy endingsspankee03-Sep-2017
Thank You letter to my spanker<anonymous>17-Jul-2017
my first severe spankinghornylabtm16-Nov-2016
Pantie showgoodspnkns03-Dec-2015
Daddy SIR's boy (Nov 2015)<anonymous>22-Nov-2015
My Neighbor, the Marinespankingstud08-Nov-2015
Jeremy spanked after army<anonymous>09-Oct-2015
An er's methodgoodspnkns09-Sep-2015
the principals office (part one)spankypants28-May-2015
understanding a spanke's desire for underpants spankingsspankypants24-May-2015
The good old spanking days are back!spankypants02-Jun-2014
spanked for wearing pantiesspankypants27-May-2014
Uncle Stanbeadbud500130-Dec-2012
Spanked in collegemdspank05-Sep-2012
A Hitchhiker Spanked MePaddle_Me29-Jun-2012
Truth or dare?spankee06-May-2012
The Grandpasbeadbud500104-Apr-2012
Spanked on the way home from Vegas part 1barebottomboy07-Feb-2012
MY firstbarebottomboy07-Feb-2012
Spanked on the way home from Vegas part 2barebottomboy07-Feb-2012
Serving margretbarebottomboy07-Feb-2012
The Threat that made my heart feel like it was coming out of my chestn2buttmusk11-Oct-2011
A Dangerous Age, a Story of Gary, Jr. beltwelts26-Aug-2011
In The ChairTampaBiker12-Aug-2011
Home Too LateTampaBiker12-Aug-2011
Mr. Rhodes' PetTampaBiker12-Aug-2011
Sadist Next DoorTampaBiker12-Aug-2011
His Anal PunishmentTampaBiker12-Aug-2011

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