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Towleroad Gay News
Thu Apr 22 09:07:31 2021 GMT

Oscars 2021 Quick Guide: What To Watch and Where To Stream Nominees Before The Show Sunday Night
stream oscar nomineesOscars 2021 are almost upon us. They’re this Sunday night, April 25th to be exact! Given the extended eligibility period and long delay for the ceremony we’ve all had (theoretically) more time to catch up with the nominated films. But wanting to keep up and keeping up are two different things. Especially since the movies […]
Out gay pro wrestler Anthony Bowens: ‘Thank You, [All Elite Wrestling], for letting me be me’
Whether you know him as “The 5-Tool Player” or “Critically Acclaimed,” there’s only one descriptor that universally applies to out pro wrestler Anthony Bowens since joining All Elite Wrestling last November: successful. Bowens landed an AEW contract alongside tag team partner “Platinum” Max Caster, collectively known as The Acclaimed, just one month after debuting with […]
“Did I strike a nerve?” Watch Former Police Chief, Rep. Val Demings STOP Jim Jordan’s Ignorant Interruption: WATCH
Stop Jim jordanWatch this today. Val Deming and Jerry Nadler once again need to stop Jim Jordan from interrupting and taking over a meeting though he has little expertise on the matter at hand. Jordan always interrupts. And it’s not a surprise when a Democrat is hits their stride, makes sense, and is wiping the floor with […]
Apple’s Gay Rainbow Product Launch Was A Coming-Out Party For A Couple of VGL, No-Drama, Well-Endowed, Transgressive, Iconic Tech Products Looking to Hook Up on 4/20
apples 420 gayIt’s a big gay world of tech today, for Apple FanX. First, the Teletubby in the room. Initially it seemed like CEO Tim Cook was headed for a hike or possibly would find a zen walk and a Mandala, with or without monks. Or maybe a walk through the Rambles. I can’t be the only […]
New poll shows both Republicans and Democrats oppose demoralizing trans sports bills
Trans Sports BillAs bills targeted at banning trans girls and women from sports make their way through the conservative-led legislatures of more than 30 states, a new poll shows that not only does the general public oppose such trans sports bills, but that majority reaches across the political aisle. A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that a […]
42 Year Old Capitol Officer Had Stroke, Died Day After Insurrection, Examiner Finds ‘natural cause’, Complicates Case. Unclear Why Public Not Told.
  Published by Reuters   By Brad Heath and Sarah N. Lynch WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Washington, D.C.’s chief medical examiner on Monday ruled that a Capitol Police officer died of natural causes following multiple strokes after the attack on the Capitol, a finding that will make it harder for prosecutors to charge anyone with his murder. […]
‘The Simpsons’ Writer Said Fat, Racist, Vegan, Old Singer is a ‘Composite’ of New Romantics; Morrissey’s Manager: Blazes Facebook
Morrisseys manager  Published by BANG Showbiz   Morrissey’s manager has slammed ‘The Simpsons’ as “hurtful and racist” after the series parodied the musician. The hit animated comedy series pokes fun at the Smiths frontman in its latest episode, titled ‘Panic on the Streets of Springfield’, in which Lisa Simpson becomes obsessed with the vegan singer of […]
Anti-Trans Bill Roundup: 33 States debating Dangerous Bans on Trans Women in Sports, Gender-Affirming Care and More…
2021 has already become a record-setting year for political and legislative attacks on trans rights just three-plus months in as a majority of state legislatures have introduced and/or passed more than 100 bills promoting social and medical discrimination against trans populations, most notably trans youth. 33 states have introduced anti-trans bills so far this year, […]
Dems Would Support A Gay President–Black Voters Even More Than White Ones. Indy Voters Trust ‘Gay’ More Than ‘Religious’: New Study
gay presidentGay president? Little more than a year ago, Pete Buttigieg’s win in the February 2020 Iowa Caucuses surprised the ‘heck’ out of many mainstream pundits, parties, and media outlets, in spite of the poorly run process in that state. By that point the campaign had done a good job of letting the media get it […]
Sir Ian McKellen Covid Could Steal Final Years, ‘thought of not working is horrifying. …’you’d get the same from Maggie Smith or Judi Dench’
ian mckellen covid  Published by BANG Showbiz   Sir Ian McKellen says the “thought of not working is horrifying” amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 81-year-old actor admits he feared being “robbed” of his last few years of his acting career because of the current health crisis and believes Dame Maggie Smith or Dame Judi Dench would feel […]
Lizzo Drunk Tumbles Into Chris Evans’ DMs and Life Secrets For A Better Bad Day
  Published by BANG Showbiz   Lizzo drunkenly slid into Chris Evans’ direct messages. The ‘Juice’ hitmaker made the confession in a TikTok, admitting she sent the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ actor a number of emojis once whilst she was drunk and scrolling through Instagram. Sharing a video of herself superimposed in front of a screenshot of […]
Judge instructs jury ahead of closing arguments in Derek Chauvin murder trial.
  Published by Reuters   By Jonathan Allen MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) – Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill began instructing jurors on Monday before they heard closing arguments and begin deliberating on whether the way former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of a dying George Floyd in last year’s arrest was murder. Prosecutors […]
More than Half of US Adults Have Received At Least One COVID Vaccine Dose -CDC Reports. Other Half Will Be Harder.
covid vaccine  Published by Reuters   (Reuters) -Just more than half of U.S. adults have now received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed on Sunday, with nearly 130 million people aged 18 years or more having received their first shot. That figure makes up about […]
‘Wojnarowicz: F*** You F*ggot F**ker’ is, Duh, Big, Boldly Stylized and Defiantly Queer: DOCUMENTARY
Mars Helicopter To Attempt Massive NASA Milestone This Week — Controlled Extra-Planetary Flight
mars helicopter  Published by Reuters   By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – NASA hopes to score a 21st-century Wright Brothers moment on Monday as it attempts to send a miniature helicopter buzzing over the surface of Mars in what would be the first powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. Landmark achievements in […]
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