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ManSpank is for men into corporal punishment. Personal ads, event calendar, spanking hookups, stories, video chat, men seeking men. ALL profiles have photos!

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submissivespeedos submissivespeedos 48 Fort Lauderd Florida
spankypants spankypants 60 Dayton Ohio
Bondage4Me Bondage4Me 50 Southgate Michigan
denim denim 63 Hamilton Ontario
Rob777 Rob777 45 Deerfield Be Florida
Dehale Dehale 49 Bismarck North Dakota
TommyCupt TommyCupt 58 Cupertino California
Kevinwilliams Kevinwilliams 48 Houston Texas
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Mandingo Mandingo 56 Cincinnati Ohio
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Paddlemehardsir 3 days ago I need a good disciplinarian to administer a good paddling to my needy bottom.
ColoradoDan1 6 days ago Just need a good spanking in or near Colorado Springs
kevinwilliams 1 wks ago I just got a new pair of Joe Snyder mini cheek briefs. Would anyone like for me
Spanko4dads 1 wks ago Anyone interested in Detroit?
den 2 wks ago Hard and dripping before a good spanking.
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