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A Greater Date
A Greater Date A Greater Date was launched in 2002 as one of the largest (free) categorized directories of online dating sites. Since launching, online dating has become prevalent, with very little (if any) stigma now attached to having a profile online. In recent years, a number of changes have taken place within the industry, with certain features becoming standard. Online chat, streaming webcam functionality and instant messenger systems are now offered by most sites. Aside from new options within sites, the face of the industry has changed as well. Entire networks of niche datings sites have become typical, as people begin to look for others who share similar interests. The most recent change has been the emergence of social networking sites, allowing people to meet people through existing connections of friends. Social networking seems to be developing in a similar fashion to online dating, with large all-encompassing sites taking off first, followed by sites focused on specific interest groups. Whether you are looking for an online dating site, a chat site, a webcam site, or a social networking site, A Greater Date is one of the best places to see what is available online. ENGINES <no rank>
All Gay Fetish
All Gay Fetish Complete directory of gay fetish sites LINK FARM <no rank>
Castigatio's M/M spanking
Castigatio's M/M spanking Some men (both young and old) enjoy getting a good beating on their (bare) bottoms. As just a part of a love-making session, or pretending to receive their spanking as a form of punishment. Other men take pleasure in administering spankings to those men who are eager to be on the receiving end. S/M <no rank>
cp4men My name is John and I was born and bred in London England in the borough of Greenwich. I first got into spanking at the grand old age of 10 yes 10! There was a boy who lived across the road from me who was the same age, and when my parents where out he would come over and play. Part of that was the two of us going into the bathroom and one of us would sit on the toilet seat and tell the other what a naughty boy he was and then haul him over the knee and spank him... it wasn't heavy in-fact it was very playful so I suppose in a sense it didn't scare me off from wanting to do it again which we did, about 3 times as I remember and then suddenly it stopped. My next outing into the world of spanking was a year later when I was eleven. We moved to and another area and I had to changed schools. My form teacher was Mr Jeans and If you did something wrong you would go over his knee. It was very ritualistic. You where made to stand up , he would tell you off and then get you to come to the front over the class where he would put you over his knee and give you about 6 smacks at the top of the legs. Most of the boys had short trousers in those days so it did sting! I remember once a boy about to be spanked and I wanted a ring side seat. On this particular day we would change our library books which where at the front of the class so I timed it to perfection to go the front of the class the same time the boy was going the teachers knee for his spanking. It was wonderful watching-was I really that kinky at eleven!? Nothing really happened after that till I was 13 when I guess all the hormones where starting to kick in and adolescence was just around the corner I was at home watching an old James Cagney film where he played the part of a gangster. At the beginning of the file you see him as a young boy being led into the bedroom by his father put over his fathers knee and given a belting. I swear the bells rung inside my head and I said S/M <no rank>
www.cp4men.net//Giffs/StudentKarl.gif <no rank>
Fetish Bank
Fetish Bank Bank of Fetish Resources, SOFT, HARD and EXTREME fetish. 60 Free Daily Pics. LINK FARM <no rank>
Frat-Hazing Fraternity Hazing Videos With Hot Fraternity Boys Getting Hazed, Humiliated, Paddled, Tormented, and Abused S/M <no rank>
Get ready for a good Spank & Flogging
Get ready for a good Spank & Flogging for those that love to spank or be paddled well check out our extensive kink & fetish galleries, create a profile and upload your hot spank & flogging pix, we also have a ton of other kink and fetish galleries to check out in addition to user profiles from all over the country and beyond, check us out S/M <no rank>
Haze Him
Haze Him FETISH <no rank>
Reluctant Young Men
Reluctant Young Men Gay and Straight Young Men in First Time Spanking Experiences \n \nThe Hottest Young Men on the Net \n \nThey Don't Like It, They Do It for the Money S/M <no rank>
Spank Daddy UK Online
Spank Daddy UK Online You have chosen to visit a web site, which supports traditional consensual male-to-male discipline, facilitating the concept of pain and pleasure. In addition to exploring your entry into male-to-male BDSM, SpankDaddy UK facilitates one to one sessions for guys interested in experiencing real time discipline. SpankDaddy UK administers traditional disciplinary techniques as established within the British Education system and British Military institutions during the 1960’s through to the late 1970’s. FETISH <no rank>
SpankDC.com SpankDC.com is a resource serving the m/m spanking community in the Washington, DC / Baltimore / Northern Virginia metro areas. Currently, SpankDC.com's primary focus is on organizing monthly parties where spankers, spankees, switches, and the spank-curious can socialize and play. GAY <no rank>
Twink Academy
Twink Academy We are one of the world’s most innovative and exciting seats of learning, with campuses in England, Latvia and Colombia. \n \nWhile St Samuel’s exhibits many features of the traditional English public school, our uniquely robust approach to such issues as students’ health and disciplinary issues continues to win the respect of educationalists worldwide. \n \nThis website allows you to see some of the main features of the life led by our students – all 18-20 year old boys, many from deprived or wayward backgrounds and desperately in need of the direction and discipline that the Academy provides. Our many sponsors enjoy unique opportunities to follow every aspect of our boys' development through access to their fully illustrated personal files. OLDER/YOUNGER <no rank>

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