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ManSpank is for men into corporal punishment. Personal ads, event calendar, spanking hookups, stories, video chat, men seeking men. ALL profiles have photos!


  • Automatic resizing of your photos
  • AutoMatch to match your saved search every day automatically
  • Icebreakers to quickly let someone know you are interested in them
  • You may post more than one locale for your profile
  • Read your messages online or forward them to your email address
  • Optional periodic newsletter annoucing new features and changes
  • Extensive online help
  • Keep a list of your favorites and view other's favorites
  • Automatic bouncing email notification
  • ScamArrest analyses message content and stops scams
  • Quick response trouble reporting
  • Reddit and Facebook links on profiles
  • Event Calendar showing events of interest to our members
  • Interactive free real-time cam-chat
  • You can block users you do not wish to hear from
  • Convenient and quick abuse reporting
  • View the most popular profiles and see who has viewed your profile
  • Supporting Memberships with unlimited contact ability
  • All profiles have photos (requirement)
  • We guarantee your privacy ... no-one can see your email address, full name or date of birth
  • Media galleries for each member containing video and sound files.
  • There are no stale profiles
  • Only appropriate public photos may be posted
  • Public, private and restricted galleries for your photos, each may have up to 60 photos
  • Keep online notes on your contacts and favorite profiles
  • Aggressive elimination of hustlers
  • Convenient spell checking of your description
  • No empty profiles. Descriptions of at least 100 characters are required.
  • You can tell how active a user is by checking the interest level on their profile.
  • Emeets to score the results of a meeting with another member
  • You can recall a dialog with any member from a button on their profile
  • You can see if you have previously contacted any member
  • Duplicate messages are automatically blocked to prevent 'flooding'
  • Print a set of contact cards with your photo, statistics, and a scanable QR code containing your personals profile URL.
  • Supporting membership status on the anniversary of your signup.
  • Automatic conversion of your videos to HTML5
  • Use your locale for a vacation with start and end dates
  • Your profile can optionally appear on multiple sites:
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     FindGayDad Personals - Younger and older men looking for each other
     TheDungeon.us - The Man's Place for B&D and S&M
     ManSpank.us Personals - The place for men who spank men
     GearFetish.us - Resources for guys with a gear fetish
     HotGrayMen - Personal Ads for Mature Men Seeking Men
     BignFurry Personals - The place for bears and their admirers
     Curious-Men Personals - The place where men can explore their sexuality
     Chubs.PersonalMale - Chubs and chub-lovers meet here
     RealMen.PersonalMale - Real men and the men who love them
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     GayBros Personals - Where gay men find friends
It is recommended that you write a detailed profile, including your photo to get better responses.  You must validate your email address before your profile becomes visible on the site.
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