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Central Florida Daddy/Big Brother to give spanking
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ygmcb1 Male 60 Gay Play partner - bottom
Hello and thanks for stoping at my profile- I am in central Florida, can host or travel reasonable distances - am not far from Camp David. I enjoy spanking deserving bottoms over 18 - 80 - - - enjoy father son, reformatory, etc type discipline - strip search, pre-paddling physical exam, etc, not brutal, but firm - believe in and respect safe words - enjoy ltsr so I try to make the recipient happy as well - will role play - or just plain spank, paddle or strap as you wish! I enjoy spanking and view it as a sport that is mutually enjoyable - Please if you are not planning on meeting do not eMail - I am real, but do not like timewasters - I do meet if I say I will and respect/expect the same - also - please do not ask for a face pic - I am not scary or anything, but am in business in a small town and revere my private life - and will respect you in the same manner
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