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wls14 Male 29 Gay Play partner - top
Interested in getting spanked by a real man for a variety of reasons. Punishment, role play, erotic, or just straight spanking. Really love getting into the scene- domestic, parent, education, boss, military, boyfriend. Make it stand out beyond just going over your knee or bending over. Lecture me like a real child or pull me by the ear into the corner. Slap my face and wash out my mouth when I talk back. Spankings are so much more real when there is more than just getting your butt smacked. Clothes really make the man and are a huge turn on if right. Makes the scene even more real. Suits are so hot - dad taking off his belt and whipping my ass, or a boyfriend using his tie as a gag. Make it seem real and logical. Love leather across my ass- straps, tawse and belts are the best. Other implements include paddle, hairbrush, bath brush, cane, switch and even more. I can take a heavy spanking so actually try and punish me. Make the scene better and let me really feel it. I want a real man, who acts like a man and wants to really have some fun. Sex isn't needed but I can respect either way - all depends on the chemistry and what we both want.
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