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wantsaDad Male 61 Gay Relationship
looking for a Dominant, Confident, Take-Charge Dad, that wants a son, as much as i want a Dad. i identify as a son/boy (and it has nothing to do with age), and i'm looking for a Dad/MasterDad, with the intent for a LTR. i am serious, creative, willing, dedicated, loyal, and expect the same. bdsm, spanking, w/s, regression/re-training, loss of modesty, diapers, enforced chastity/servicing, TPE. i'm attracted to many different 'In-Charge' types: Strict ' old fashioned ' Father Figures, Business Suits, Military/Law Enforcement, Big Brothers. trigger words: bondage, modifications, spanking, diapers, nipples, edging, milking, restraints, shaving, haircuts, boots, rubber, leather, enemas, pipes, cigars. STD free. i'm passive (submissive), not lazy. i get f*cked, and do the sucking. like baseball, camping/outdoors,travel, the arts, film, NPR, The NewYorker, British Comedy, Vice, photography, outsider art, dogs, cooking, politics, friends, music, home repairs. (i’m not geographically challenged, i’m willing to travel, to confirm a “connection”. and then “we”, can decide from there.)
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