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good monthly strappings sought
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vspankee Male 42 Gay Play partner - top
Seeking razor strap scenes. Challenge, discipline, not so much punishment, but something I can do a couple times a month without damage to get the endorphins, feel the sting, some days more some less. Other factors include skill, accuracy, endurance, credibility, empathy, and creativity. Unimportant things to me - your age, your looks, your profession, your other relationships, whether you occasionally sub to someone else. I'm not into fetishes like being a 'son' as I'm not a good actor. Although, seriously, I'm not talking about punishment and the intensity and control provisions that implies, I do like bondage as part of the fetish and sometimes like 'sentences'. I live in NYC and have a car. If you have a wide belt or strap, and a brush, I have the ass. :)
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