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Seeking consistent fair disciplinarian
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vspankee Male 39 Gay Play partner - top
I'm seeking a disciplinarian. Wood brush and razor strop. Regular meets, set schedule plus spontaneous as reasonable. I don't want to be in charge of the relationship or any encounter. Host or travel. Pay any expenses. Non-sexual. Age irrelevant. also, I enjoy creative scenes so long as private 1:1 (or if you have a long-term partner or spouse). Judicial, reform school, medical technician / patient, nude marches through the house on a leash, shackles, gimp hoods. Razor strops, hairbrush / bathbrush. Easy to meet, Hells kitchen. Would like a coffee for discussion, but I expect discipline as part of our very first meet - I am not just talk. If I am brought to tears but I am not heavily bruised, I'll know you are the one. I am not great at daddy/son role play. Disciplinarian or coach is what I'm seeking.
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