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suitedson Male 44 Gay Play partner - top
Hello Sirs, I am looking for an older 50 Daddy/Master to serve all his domestic and sexual desires. I am looking to be spanked regularly and have Dad control me the way a strict father would his son. I am looking for daily orders on my attire, my grooming and all other aspects of my life, I wiling submit to my Dad. I want to be placed over Dad's knee whenever he desires and to remind me of my place. I need to be spanked often and punished for my indiscretions. I am looking for a dad who wouldn't mind a suit and tie son and one who would be willing to wear a suit and tie, like the dads of old. I am very interested in the old fashioned and good old days, where Father knows best and his son knew the words 'wait till your father got home' meant a spanking was in his future. I am as well willing to do whatever Dad wants sexually, and I am into CBT and gladly accept forced chastity and give my Father my cock and balls as it his right to own said property. I await dad's Paddle, strap, switch, cane, brush, shoe, hand or whatever else he desires to spank me with. I am willing to be spanked in front of others and humbled by him. Please Gentlemen let me be your son. Donald
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