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dad/son bonding and woodshed roleplay
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Looking for the dad/son frame of mind more than age difference. I am a truck driver and travel the US from GA to central upstate NY and southeast MA. I'm into intensity. Love formal judicial bent over paddling like principal/student and bareass or barenaked woodshed type dad/son whipping with belt or strap. Not into OTK hand spanking. Into wooden paddles the bigger the better. I also look for quality instead of quantity, less number of whacks but given mighty hard. Principals, coaches, horny redneck daddies and dirty ole sadistic bastards move up to the front of the line. I make paddles and have a pretty good arsenal of corporal punishment boards of education for my paddlers to try them. Love to hear the loud crack of the wood and feel the extreme pain when it is swung as hard as he can.
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