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Adult Brat Needs to Punished by DAD
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stevefxs Male 65 Bisexual Play partner - switch
I am looking for a Dad (authority figure) who is dominating, strict, verbally humiliates and will take this boy to task with realistic spankings and other punishment techniques as dad deems necessary. This realistic spankings would use your hand, a belt, hairbrush, small paddles and strap with along with verbal humiliation, rectal temps, suppositories and enemas, corner time, mouth soaping, etc. Dad will take complete control and manhandle and force me if I do not boy verbally and physically shame and humiliate. Dad needs to break me of my bad habits and behavior problems and make me realize there are consequences for my inappropriate actions. The spankings and punishment will not stop until Dad believes I will motivated to not misbehave. The punishments and my red and sore bottom will be a reminder that Dad will not tolerate misbehavior from this boy. Role play is effective for me. Discipline is discipline and sex is sex but if Dad would like pleasure after the punishment is done that is fine, too. Let's do the spankings and punishments first and then worry about sex if Dad wants. Are there any Dads out there that can fill this role? ## I spank guys as well and very experienced in giving spankings and punishments, too. So if you need it, let's get a dialogue going and set a time up for your spanking and punishment. When give a spankings and administer punishment, I generally like guys that are smaller than me, but that is not a hard core rule. ## If you are interested in taking this bad boy to task or want a good spanking yourself, let's get a dialogue going, but I am not into BS and If we plan to meet, LETS DO IT!
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