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I am seeking a safe, sane spanking only exchange. Not seeking sex... just good ol'fashioned spanking, with or without role play. I need spanking to release control to a trusted person, some one that I know has my interests at heart. Stress release is a goal, along with an erotic overtone that comes when I follow the guidance and orders of my spanker. I want my spanker to be confident, able to 'read' my body language, take me in a gradual and progressive manner to ever increasing levels of 'sub space'. I will respect my spanker and follow his orders as he leads me through a firm but not abusive spanking session. If he can get into character, such as teacher, boss, or some other authority figure and can give me chills with a look and a threat... I will have no choice but to obey his orders and take my punishment.... you are in charge.
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