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spikeFL Male 53 Gay Play partner - top
Taken -- allowed to play from time to time. 42, 6'0', 235, buzzcut, stache, masculine. Like doing what i'm told, and using my mouth for Your amusement and pleasure. Love to provide long, thorough, respectful complete head-to-toe service/worship. The ranker, riper, sweatier, the better. Appreciate a masculine domineering Man who enjoys being in control and ensuring the respect and service He receives is complete to His satisfaction. One-sided/unequal encounters where both of us are focused exclusively on His pleasure can be hot. It's been awhile since spanking or any form of discipline has been incorporated into this. Interested in exploring this further, either at the beginning, to make sure my attitude is properly adjusted before being of service, or during/after, to correct any lapses in obedience and following directions -- or to drive home the point that Your pleasure, and not mine, is what i need to be focusing on.
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