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paddle my panties, we both know I deserve it
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spankypants Male 61 Straight Play partner - top
Wears panties, loves spankings, VERY spankable little bottom - always looking to expand my circle of spank minded gentlemen friends that still believe in the merits and benefits of good sound old fashioned spanking discipline, on the underpants and bare bottom. Prefer a mature retirement aged spanking enthusiast who favors the traditional across the lap spanking approach with hand, paddle, and strap. School paddling and strapping also acceptable. 5'4' / 122#'s / smooth bottom, experienced spankee with a slender athletic build and 28' waist. Retirement aged men a plus. If you would like to paddle blister my panty seat, we should talk - it all starts with your message. profile photo is recent / no sex, just spanking please / correspondence always welcome
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