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Discipline and Age Regression
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Greetings potential Dads and Sirs! I'm a local, sweet boy, who is looking for a Loving Daddy/Mentor/Sir for an ongoing, possibly long term relationship, with the right connection. I'm probably a bit different than what you're used to seeing on here, but I believe in putting out what you want, to attract what you want and need. I recently just ended a 5 month mentorship relationship with a local Sir. He was great for me in many ways, helping me to quit cannabis which I was abusing, helped me build up my business, reform bad habits etc....but he wasn't into physical nurturing like hugging and cuddling, which I've come to realize are absolutely essential for me. Still, I am grateful for all he did for me, but now its time to seek out a better connection based on mutual interest, energetic compatibility, and chemistry. I really crave connection with a man who has a big open heart. I'm not looking to be a *sex slave* and I'm not looking just for superficial *play* scenarios, altho I do enjoy playing, but its so much better when coming from a connected, loving place! Im not necessarily looking for a boyfriend/romantic partner either, altho I go where the energy flows, and if it goes there, Im totally open to it. Ideally Im seeking someone who would be like a real dad, altho perhaps a bit more intimate in certain ways as we are consensual adults. I need guidance, motivation, and agreed upon rules and consequences ranging from spankings (which can be quite heavy, tho never brutal to the point of severely broken skin) mouth soaping for bad language, chastity when needed, restriction of freedoms/grounding when appropriate, meditation, restriction of wearing *big boy underwear* and kept in diapers, (I like diapers but there are definitely times when Im not into wearing them) and assignments that help me learn and grow, from volunteering (which I would do without being punished as well) to chores. I would love to do things in public as Dad and Son, going on hikes, just spending time together doing things, even going to community kink/bdsm based events, where I would be proud to be your respectful and playful boy (and appropriately disciplined If I break any rules. I can be mischievious, but Im very good about obeying serious rules. (just may be a little naughty from time to time.) Im a very spiritual person, into metaphysical things like meditation, holistic healing, plant based nutrition, social justice, being of service to my Dad, and my community. Im a healer, who often doesnt take care of himself well enough, while caring for many others both in career, and daily life. I enjoy and need time outside in nature, social time with positive loving friends, I enjoy karaoke, occasional dancing, metaphysical events, yoga (the real yoga....not just *power stretching* like most westerners assume yoga is about) I also LOVE making healthy plant based food for people, and teaching about detox/holistic healing etc. I enjoy music, reading, watching good movies and tv occasionally (scifi/fantasty especially) comedy, non gory horrer when the mood strikes. Kink wise, Im into AB/DL (adult baby/diaper wearing), age regression play over a range from toddler to teenager, usually more teenager in diapers. Spanking, laughing while doing heavy play, being brought to tears, not as much through physical pain, but expressions of affection and love. Until I met my former dom I could be spanked black and blue and not shed a tear, but with him I did every single time, because he was real, and wanted me to take care of myself, which is what our discipline was about. Im furry/cubbish...(tho sometimes shave head to toe for special occasions) a stocky boy, but overall in pretty good shape, with good endurance and strength. Im openminded about kinks.....i dont identify as a pup or furry, but I do enjoy it, and under guidance probably could be much more into it. I like classic white briefs on guys, surprising my dad with tasty meals, and being of service when he needs, and beyond. Im pretty much as Loving as they get, and very obedient. I need a balance of strictness with nurturing and a LONG leash, that gets tightened when lessons need to be taught. If this sounds like something that is appealing to you, lets chat and have tea (or coffee if you prefer!). I look forward to hearing from you, and I also realize that getting to know someone is a process and isnt *instant* but with the right connection Im open to having a trial period with rules fairly early on. With Much Love and Sincerity! Thank you for taking the time to read my inordinary post! Oh, and in terms of relationships, I could be into polyamory or monogamy depending on the type of connection. The terms of that may mean different things to different people. I will always have ageplay buddies regardless...I just may not have sex with them, and I may have a Daddy, and a boyfriend, or maybe Ill meet a Dad thats around my age, who is both, altho agewise Im pretty flexible! For sex, I do prefer to use condoms. I respect folks on prep, altho Im not currently on it, being a more holistic/natural type person. Peace!
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