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smacked_arse Male 63 Gay Play partner - top
Dublin based Irish guy looking for spanking buddies. I'm 60, friendly, laid- back and easy-going. Reasonably fit and with a great arse, apparently! I'm really into the endorphin rush of a well spanked arse. I live being slowly and lightly spanked with intensity increasing as my endorphin and seretonin levels increase. A good spanker can just slowly push the pain level higher and higher until I'm taking it really hard. I experience each whack as a mini- orgasm, not pain. I eventually cum from the intensity. I also like to be well and truly fucked when my arse is scalding hot. Into hand, cane, tawse, crop, paddle, anything really. More into stingy than thuddy implements. My favourite would be a birch or similar; something to spread the pain over my whole arse. Not into humiliation, punishment games etc although happy to get involved in any role play my spanking buddy wants. I can be whatever you want... I prefer to take but can switch so long as it's 50/50
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