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Finding a good spanking buddy is really hard I'm the guy who wants to spank anybody; young, old, fat, thin any gender, race, creed or religion as long as you want / need a good old fashioned spanking. A real spanking is not about sex, and we will never have sex in any way. I want to spank you not have sex. I like to take my time while spanking, talk to you, and make you feel safe and comfortable, using the trust we've established to explore your limits. If your looking for a psycho-bossy, control freak, please move along. My approach to spanking is slow, warm, calculated, and smart. There are many scenarios we can start with, and there are lots of different role plays we can use. One (of many) ideas is that you keep a private journal of your misbehaving ways, naughty adventures, and taboo thoughts. You bring that to me once or twice a month and read it to me. By the time I'm done questioning you, and exploring the 'when, where and why', you'll be ready for your punishment. Or we can skip the role play and it can just be a delightful spanking. I have 35 plus years of experience. Both novices and experienced spankee's are welcome, we can have a fun experience, or a real discipline session it's up to what you need. I am a big fat, ugly, old, straight white man who knows how to get the job done.
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