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I’m located in Upstate New York. I believe that male / male spanking and bonding is such a powerful experience. It feels amazing to be naked and vulnerable while being disciplined! Like submitting to those in charge and to be humbled. For some reason the pain, pleasure, embarrassment, and arousal all blended together are intoxicating. I’m open-minded and ready to experiment, push my limits and try new things. (I’ve been asked so I’ll answer here: Yes, all of the pictures in my albums and on my profile are of me.) Would like to connect with a dominant man or a couple of men who are verbal and instructive during sessions. Biggest fantasy is to be punished in front of witnesses who are clothed while I am naked. My Favorite Spanking Positions and Implements: Face down, ass up and bared for the belt! Over a bench, over a chair or the arm of a couch and maybe try a spanking bench or the cross. Fitness equipment can have dual purposes lol. Outdoors in the woods or over a log would be hot. Anything in a barn or woodshed would be a dream come true! Belt, brush, paddle, wooden spoon and maybe try the cane!
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