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borstal or judicial style caning sessions
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rotanlad Male 51 Gay Relationship
I'm a naughty lad with a cute little butt. I need to be caned borstal or judicial style. Allways need to be fully naked and restraint. I'm looking for a slim and smooth caner. Also in to multiple forced milking sessions and tickle torture. Blindfolding is a big plus. Also up for a 24/7 relationship with daily milking and caning sessions including cmnm or even cfnm. A soundproof basement or punishment room would help the daily discipline procedure. keywords: caning, spanking, trashing, cane, dragon cane, belt, tawse, strap, rubber hose, rubber strap, lexan paddle, sjambok, electric wire, weals, welts, marks, bliindfolded, hooded, milked dry, multiple forced milking, venus milking machine, vac rack, wide belts, vyprask, nalgadas, castigo, rotan, corporal punishment, cp, bench, gym horse,
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