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Need old fashioned discipline and humiliation
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rjotk5 Male 67 Bisexual Play partner - top
I have a strong need to be spanked and humiliated. My spankings could be in the form of role play or for real offences. My errant behavior sometimes dictates the correction a good spanking will bring. Humiliation to me is as important as the spanking itself. I like to be stripped and inspected before being spankedand also be required to state my offenses. OTK and the diaper position is what I favor, but I will submit to all positions. I also feel that being spanked in front of others or with others is essential for my punishment to be totallly effective. Like being spanked by someone younger then myself. I will be obedient to orders given by the spanker and I am receptive to any anal play, etc, the top has in mind. AS a top I like to stip a person and have him stand there and ask for a spanking. I like OTK, diaper but will also use any postion that suits me. I am mostly a bottom but when I do spank I spank hard and have been made to bring men to tears. I will spank men of all ages from 21 to you are to old to stand.
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