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rentoncowboy Male 47 Gay Play partner - bottom
Creative, adventurous, masculine guy, not into formality. I enjoy trying new things and seeing where they go. I can be a sadistic bastard, but respect limits. I don't have a 'type', but tend to be attracted to men from 25 to 45 with a slim to average build. This is not set in stone - something about a solid-built salt and pepper dad teasing my nips almost always gets me get me purring 'yes sir.' I'm a beefy guy with a 35' waist, and tend to like guys my size or smaller around the middle. I live for spontaneous action. A damn hot scene doesn't have to involve much more than our bodies. Boots, belts, and a bit of rope can make it even more fun. If you want to top me, be ready to do it safe, and make it last a while. Short scenes don't tend to satisfy. I'm a verbal bottom and enjoy a nice long ride on your cock and the opportunity to hit some poppers if you're gonna give me a hard pounding. There's something incredibly hot about being denied the opportunity to play with my cock so I can't shoot while my prostate gets abused. Big plus (but certainly not musts) if you're tall, hairy, muscular/athletic, and/or uncut. Not into intense pain for me, but intense sensations are welcome. As a top I like bondage, tt, cbt, spanking, fucking, w/s, humiliation, and a range of other activities. I can be a sadistic motherfucker and play out a rape with a guy who can go the distance. I figure any cowboy worth his salt should know how to hog tie, and I last damnsite longer than 8-seconds. Big plus if you want to polish both my boots and my knob. Most of all, I love to spank, strip, bind, and fuck men in jockstraps. I have no problem leaving you without marks, or black and blue with bitemarks and bruised balls, or just quivering from intense low-impact sex. It would be awesome to find a kinky guy of my own. I'm definitely ready to settle into something powerful, passionate, and playful. This means invites to coffee are just as welcome as invites to fuck. More than anything, this should be fun. So please don't take yourself too seriously. It's only sex.
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