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redbottomboy85 Male 34 Straight Play partner - top
I've been into spanking for a long time and have been spanked by many women and men. I have been in the scene for over a decade. looking to go over someones knee after my pants have been pulled down and then a very long spanking followed by spanking toys and more. I love having my butthole played with, no sex just play. love being treated like the naughty 'little' boy I am. I love Roleplay, corner time, being scolded. Ive been told I have an iron butt, up for the challenge? otk. Im a very open person, so you can ask me just about anything. I can always host, but I don't drive so other transportation will have to be arranged. also I am a very clean guy, shave my bottom every couple days so its always nice and soft also shave around my hole. anal finger play is ok when im over your knee or on all fours for the paddle or belt, cane, whip, strap, flogger, hairbeush, or hand I dont drive sadly, but I can always host 😊. thanks everyone Pete
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