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I love spanking a HOT BUTT!
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rackinhorseman Male 64 Gay Play partner - bottom
Guys, I've been a member on this site for several years and I still haven't found a man close to me to let me have my way with. I LOVE TO SPANK BUTT, OTK; over the back of the sofa; kneeling on a stool; or just anyplace we can find that makes it even more interesting. I like to make your ass nice and red and then cool it off with maybe an ice cube which just might slip up inside you. I use my hand; however, if you need more I sure can accommodate you. I have whips I use when riding my horses and I sure can use them on your ass, back and legs if you need me to. I need a boy/man to spank NOW and then to suck my cock! But it doesn't have to stop at just spanking and sucking. I usually have a need to take care of my man, and make sure he is satisfied in whatever method he needs. lol Take that any way you want. Hope to hear from you boys soon! I'm horny and need relief.
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