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paddlemebare Male 63 Straight Play partner - switch
My primary interest lies in receiving spankings in sane sensible situations. However, I am a switch and will eagerly spank those younger than me. I am not into the master/slave type of scene. I am more focused on more realistic, domestic styles of discipline. I look forward to finding myself draped over another’s knee receiving a very sound and proper spanking. Though I am straight, I have been spanked by men before and welcome the discipline I receive. I am also receptive to the touching and fondling that often accompanies a trip over another’s knee. Getting spanked by women is good of course as well and the best is being punished by a couple. A perfect session for me starts with a trip over your knee and a spanking over my jeans; then you have me stand and you drop my jeans; the session continues over my briefs; soon I feel you tug them down as well. Ultimately, I would end up naked and very well spanked in a variety of positions and with a variety of implements. Once you determine that my spanking has been sufficient, then you would employ any other forms of punishment you think are justified – CBT, nipple play, etc.—if that is your intention. Otherwise, repeated, long, hard spanking are just great.
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