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YOU KNOW YOU'RE FUCKING UP! You've got to stop being so lazy, get off your ass, and get out there and find a J-O-B! You need to stop smoking and leave that weed alone! You can't keep misusing those credit cards like money grows on trees! And how about those bills and/or child support payments that're delinquent on? Did you once again forget to report to your probation/parole officer and fail to pay your supervision fees? Man oh man, you REALLY need to get your shit together. Perhaps you're been seeing a shrink, paying megabucks to engage in idle chatter, and it isn't doing a damn thing. Look here, I've got a solution and it's FREE. Assume the position and let my sturdy wooden paddle talk to your bare ass. Together, we WILL resolve your problems! Hit me back if you're interested in getting your attitude adjusted. Get your butt over here -- RIGHT NOW!!!
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