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paddledspanker Male 62 Straight Play partner - switch
Greetings and thank you for checking out my profile. I consider myself just a regular person who experienced the emergence of a 'versatile and universally-minded” spanking fetish at an early age. This led to give-n-take spank play with a variety of friends and peers of both genders early-on, and my inevitably seeking and experiencing a rich variety of versatile spanking and paddling encounters throughout my adult life with both women and men; those meetings with the latter being solely of the platonic variety. I’m essentially here for the part of me who enjoys networking with other adult males who are also into classic male vs. male spanking/paddling action…Enjoy meetings with Spankers, spankees (particularly those willing to at least launch an accommodating paddle or palm to my butt after I've spanked or paddled their bottoms red hot) and fellow switches. I’m into email exchanges, and meeting for session fun around the broad surrounding regions of northern Illinois, the greater Chicagoland area, and perhaps a bit beyond. I am quite real and active within the overall adult spanking sports, regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, physiques, etc. I've long enjoyed my visits to Bill's Basement, and am anticipating future get-togethers with he and those of his visitors who like to spank bottoms and/or get their bottoms spanked. Really into paddles and love interactions featuring the Jokari, paddleball, ping pong and similar models, but I'm quite versatile in this regard. Into wide straps applied to gripping briefs and bare. I'm long experienced in turning persons over my knee for underpants and barebottom spankings...given and/or received. Comfortable in either role(s). Associated interests are spankable gear (tight briefs, bikinis, speedos, tight nylon brief/bikini panties, enhancement gear, and classic jockstraps with the additional humiliation of legbands wedgied to lift, separate, and frame the upended buttcheeks, oiled up good and shiny for barebottom spanking action). A bit curious about JO afterwards and discrete photos and/or video with those OK with that. Also into email and photo exchange with others and penpals outside of my region.
Sterling Illinois
One of my fun morning sessions getting a good red hot bottom by Bill, down Bill's Basement in Hammond, In.
My same video on Bill's FetLife profile
My big butt undergoing a broadstrap leathering packed into drumtight rubber bikini briefs Down Bill's Basement
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