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nycbottom Male 55 Other Play partner - top
Hello, Gentlemen. I'm not looking for 'now'. I'm looking for a lover I can see on a regular, but still friendly/casual basis. Here's who I am. Educated, smart, attractive, tall, slim (30' waist), very clean, NS/ND. I always practice safe sex, no exceptions, and expect this in my partner. I like a man who'll spank me in the bedroom, but who'll treat me decently. Here's who you are. You are a patient top, over fifty, who enjoys (and is oriented towards) traditional OTK spanking and old-fashioned anal intercourse. Doesn't anyone do that anymore? Sorry guys, but I'm NOT versatile in this area, and that's why the 'bottom' option is selected. You're masculine, attractive, intelligent, not really hairy and not a bear, no beard/goatee, not paunchy, have at least six inches, are D/D free, and are into safe, clean play and have enough time in your schedule to spend a few hours (or more) together. If you like drugs, risky or raunchy things, or don't shower, please, please, please find someone else's ad to answer, because I'm definitely not the one for you. I like very clean and very safe, and condoms are mandatory. Having said that, if you just want five-minutes of fellatio, and that's your orientation and goal, please find someone else. You host, somewhere reasonably close is ideal, but Manhattan preferred -- no Queens/Brooklyn unless you are reasonably close. Offices are not what I'm looking for. Married is great as long as your wife is aware of what you like to do with Mr. Willy. Don't want her walking in on us and being surprised. That would be awkward. I'm white, boyish/twinkish build, masculine looks, small bottom, shaven bikini, and very tight where it counts. Write back with what you're like, what you like to do, and your experience. I'm likely to respond to a paragraph, and just about guaranteed to ignore a single sentence, form letters, or anything not written in grammatical English.
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