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Spankee and spanker - nylon shorts - wanking
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nicolasadidas Male 49 Straight Play partner - switch
1. roles. I can do both but I prefer to be spanked 2. clothing: I love spanking on nylon shorts. Bare ass suit me too (limited) 3. role playing: coach, teacher, roommate, friend losing a bet, person not able to pay back his loan. You decide 4. punishment: spanking of course. Also (not mandatory): 'au piquet' (hands on my head) handcuffed at some point during the session. 5. positions: otk, bent over a chair, lying on a bed 6. implements: for spanking: hand, paddle, belt, strap, tennis racket, slipper ; for corporal punishment: cuffs, restraints and all wanking/edging denial/teasing instruments 7. severity: the spankee decides (beforehand) and the 'stop' magic word works during the session. I usually receive medium-to-hard spankings 8. Not mandatory of course: wanking after the session. A few spankers control my cum ('edging denial')... I love it! Do you know how to do it?
Paris France
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