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Tall Switch in Search of Partners
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newbietallguy Male 43 Bisexual Cyber friend
I am a Dominant who is seeking a sub but also the opportunuty to learn what the other side is like. If you are sub OR Dom please contact me. I do not list myself as a switch because I do not consider myself switch. At heart I am a strict disciplinarian who also loves things like bondage and playtime with the right person. I have been on the Dom side of this lifestyle for a several years but I am looking to improve myself with experience as a sub as well. I feel like I will be a better Dom if I know the feelings of the sub. I can definately do well in the Dom role well as it is who I am heart and soul, but I would like to learn the role as the one being controlled as well. I look forward to meeting people who are on the either side of the fence. Especially those who need stern discipline from me. I have been Dom to both singles and couples with great results and I look forward to finding the right one for me in the VERY near future.
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