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I'm a naughty boy seeking authentic, old fashioned dad/son discipline. I'm especially interested in a dad who wears a nice wide leather belt, and who isn't hesitant to unbuckle it and pull it off when I've stepped out of line. I'm into all the rituals involved in authentic domestic discipline scenes, from the pre-spanking lecture, being taken by the arm to my room, having my pants and underwear forcibly yanked down then having to stand fully exposed in front of dad as he tells me exactly why I'm going to be punished. Like getting the belt OTK, or bent over the edge of a bed or arm of sofa; having to stand in the corner with my well spanked red bottom on display. I expect that dad will not take it easy on my naughty boy ass, and love the sting and belt marks/welts that come afterwards. It's not necessarily all about the pain though; I like the embarrassment and humiliation that goes along with a bare bottom whipping. Dad should be a firm, no-nonsense kind of verbal disciplinarian who knows what the belt around his waist is best used for; his naughty boys bare bottom.
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