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Like to be stripped naked and spanked in an embarrassing way.
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Got spanked for the very first time (other than self spanking) at age 47. As a boy I was constantly threatened with spankings at home and paddlings in school, and got turned on watching all my friends get spanked. I was always terrified of being spanked myself because watching a spanking or paddling never failed to make me aroused, and I couldn't let my friends know I was turned on watching them get spanked, or worse yet, turned on thinking about them giving me a spanking. The embarrassment and humiliation factor is what turns me on the most. Having to strip buck ass naked, bending over so my crack is spread and my butt hole is on display. Possibly rectal temperature taking, enemas, and shaving turn me on. Since I enjoyed watching my buddies get their ass busted so much, my ultimate fantasy is to get spanked in front of an audience of a few other guys. Other things that turn me on are frat hazing scenarios, naked wrestling where the loser gets spanked, strip/spank poker or any games of chance where the loser is spanked, naked cornertime or (center of the room time if my dick gets hard to add to my embarrassment) and a ritualized stripping scenario, although I firmly believe a boy should be totally naked before a spanking starts. Paddles and straps are my favorite implements. I was always terrified of belts and straps as a teen, since I couldn't effectively use one on myself and had no idea what it felt like to be spanked with one. However I got spanked with leather implements in 2009 and now prison straps, leather and rubber, and the tawse are some of my favorite implements. Used right, they won't cut the skin, they don't leave bruising like some paddles do, but have an incredible sting. Another one of my fantasies, is to get spanked on live webcam where dozens or hundreds of other guys can watch. I also like recording my spankings so I can enjoy them later as it's hard to get aroused when your butt's on fire. I've also thought it would be hot to have to ask my spanker out loud for my punishment, detailing that I should be stripped naked, bent over his knees, and be soundly spanked, strapped and paddled. The ultimate humiliation would be to cum just from being spanked. I've often fantasized about a group of friends walking into my house and catching me jacking off to spanking porn and then acting out a variety of the scenes on my naked butt. Like being spanked by younger guys. It adds a lot to the embarrassment factor bending over the knees of guy half my age and having him give ME a spanking. NOT LOOKING FOR SEX.
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