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experienced spanker in North Raleigh. Stop by for a spanking
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mstrspkr Male 59 Other Play partner - bottom
I'm a big guy with a big heart who loves to get together with friends, especially if spanking is involved. I have a good hand, slipper, brush, strap and paddle (actually about 40 implements I can use), and know how to use every one of them well. However, it's not all spanking. I also like to hang out, or catch dinner and a movie, too. I'm not interested in cyber-only relationships. I'll chat via IM but I want it to result in a meeting. If there's little chance of our meeting, I'm happy to say, 'Hi,' but I don't want to be a vicarious outlet for fantasy. Let's make it real! I have varied interests that go along the lines of these sites so please ask if you are curious. If I've not done it, I probably have been intrigued by it so nothing is off limits.
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