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Blister my ass RAW!!!!
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msaspank Male 40 Gay Play partner - top
Need a long, hard, REAL bare-assed blistering, like a very strict dad would give to his very naughty son. No warm-ups, no safe word. Starts HARD, fast, and intense and keeps going till I think I can't take another lick and goes on for another ten minutes or until YOU decide I have been punished enough. I should end up a quivering mass of tears with welts, blisters and a very deep red to purple butt, crying so hard I can barely catch my breath. Wooden hairbrush, frat paddle with holes, well-oiled razor strop, or freshly cut switch--whatever you decide will get the job done. the Also willing to give a spanking or switch. I definitely prefer young guys, but would consider real dads/stepdads who can provide an authentic experience. While I need a serious tanning as a bottom, as a top your desires and needs will be completely respected. Would love to have an ongoing relationship, either with a boyfriend, mentor, or even just roommate, who develops rules, standards, and goals with me, then holds me accountable for them and takes my pants down for a 'serious discussion' when I fail to live up to them. Would also be open to a relationship where we both fill that role for each other. I need it BAD, so I hope to hear from you soon.
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