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mickeyboi33 Male 37 Gay Relationship
My greatest pleasure is in giving to a man who truly appreciates it. In the past it's been much easier for me to do for someone then for me to accept someone doing for me but when I've been with the right man there was nothing that I enjoyed more then his open display of attention and affection for me. Who doesn't. I really do consider it a strength when a man has no problem with showing affection and compassion freely.I consider it one of the biggest positives any man can possess. When I am with the right man I will know without question because I will have a very natural and strong desire to please him in every way. If you're a man that's looking for a best friend, lover, helpmate, mentor and confidant all wrapped up into one man, then you could be the man I am looking to find out there somewhere. I'm sure we both understand that there is no such thing as perfection in any relationship, just the desire to constantly strive for it with someone we love. After all isn't that really what makes life such a continuous adventure. Don't procrastinate in life and don't be afraid to take a chance, good things do happen if you let them, nothing happens if you're
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