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m2mcpsub Male 68 Gay Play partner - switch
I am a gay male sub with a passion for leather who likes to receive serious (severe) discipline from men with a variety of instruments ranging from rubber, lexan, wood but especially leather and more especially heavy straps. Friendship is a commitment and I'm looking for men willing to correspond at least occasionally in a meaningful way. I am retired Most of the activity is self administered discipline due to a lack of anyone locally willing to be involved in this activity. Although self-administered cp is not the best; it still gets the 'job' done. If you view my material on SpankingTube, please rate it, leave comments and suggestions. My favourite discipline categories are: strapping the hands - erstwhile Canadian school discipline; razor strops - a family discipline instrument when I was a youth; flogging/whipping - self flagellation a venerable religious practise; prison straps - still in use when I was a child; self discipline - have been involved in this still I was a child; tawses - on hands and other body parts; paddles - wood, lexan & leather; belt - the most common instrument used when I was a child. My ideal disciplinarian is a strong male top who knows how to apply serious (severe) discipline. My favourite position: the position does not matter too much and depends on the body part targeted by the discipline - whatever position gets the job done best. I am not fond of otk - too juvenile for me (again personal preference). The bent at the waist exposes the the butt cheeks the best; the prone position (on a firm surface) with the butt/arse elevated also works well. My favourite instruments are all instruments except hand (again too juvenile for me - another personal preference) but especially longer and heavier straps and paddles. Things that turn me on include: heavy straps, those who take the risk and post material. Turn offs: light (vanilla) scenes like woman but don't want to see them discipline other women or men and don't want to see them disciplined by either men or women INTERESTED IN GUYS ONLY
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