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35 yo bottom looking for hard, strict CP
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london_bottom Male 49 Gay Play partner - top
I like long hard CP sessions with a variety of implements such as hand, slipper, brush, strap, paddle, tawse, cane and anything else you can think of. Quite enjoy school roleplay and have uniform or can be in PE kit. I do love being forced to wear shorts. Other punishments that may be used are corner time, writing lines, humiliating clothes such as very short shorts, chores (especially outside, again in short shorts or naked). CP is not only for arse but also thighs and tawse and cane may be used on hands. I am NOT looking for sex, your race or religion or hairyness or chubbyness etc etc are of no importance to me but I'm afraid I only want to be punished by much older guys - over 50 . Am open to new ideas for good sessions and even if we don't match for a session am quite happy to chat. I do not however get anything from a cyber scene.
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