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lionstar Male 38 Gay Play partner - top
Seems most boys and dads want slim, muscled, or well fit guys. Sadly, I'm not that. I'm short and got a belly. 5'7, 240lbs. So, for the boys or dads that don't mind that, this is me. I'm oral oriented. Love to suck and get sucked. Love to rim too. I also have a major foot fetish. I also have a couple more... kinky ones. If you want to know, feel free to ask. But they are not requirements. I like to wrestle too, but that's not a requirement either. I'm at the age where age doesn't matter too much any more. That being said, for the Dads, just about anything goes. For the Boys, you should be between 18 and 23. I'm looking for something that can develop into a stable relationship. Friends with benefits would be nice, but I'm at that age where I need a special someone in my life. Take me as I am, or with the intent to help improve me.
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