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Can someone help smarten up this Stupid boy!
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lilryanaz Male 45 Gay Relationship
I know I'm supposed to be something that will catch your attention, but I'm really just looking for a DomDaddy of my own. I know I'm not what some people are looking for, I'm an older, bigger boy, but a boy non the less. I have been into the scene for many years and even had the chance to be owned, but I just felt that we weren't a good fit so I moved on. I'm more than willing to continue to work as I love being a Chef, but I really want a Daddy that will keep this boy in line, I know I love being spanked but given the right headspace and knowing that Daddy is disappointed in his boy for not doing his chores and not keeping his room clean is more than enough to turn me into a sorry little boy. Is there anyone that is willing to give this boy a chance? A chance to be loved and a chance to be who I really am
Cottonwood-Verde Village Arizona
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