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kcr691 Male 61 Bisexual Play partner - bottom
Experienced Sadistic Master seeks no nonsense masochistic slaves, bottoms, pain pigs for real time use and abuse. I have no limits just the limits you impose. I will take you where you have never been and I will expand your limits to new highs. I am into bondage, ff, tit work, heavy to extreme cock andball torture including needles and scalpels, electro, hot wax, the use of the cane the whip even barb wire if you can take it. I am well versed in s&m and prefer serious players who are not whimps or online fantasy seekers. Be for real or BE GONE! What i am looking for I want a total masochist bottom who enjoys pain and pain play. I am sadistic but sane. I will use you and abuse you and you will know you have had a session when we are through. If you are for real you dont want to pass me by. I can travel if you can host
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