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First, I want to say, that I am an honest person. Therefor, I will disclose that I am a carrier of Hepatitis B. It is not airborn contagious - like HIV only transmitable through bodily fluids. There is a vaccine to protect against it & it's been out for almost 30 years. I don't ask for oral or anal sex or even for masterbation. Just to be spanked, I don't believe in spreading disease, so I'm being up front. Just want to be spanked, paddled and belt whipped, Sir. Spanking is, of course, safe. I supply the belt, paddles & hair brush. Luckily for me, I've always been into getting spanked much more than sex anyway. I also like to be spanked by guys with their clothes on, as it feels more like punishment. Shirt off is hot though. Some roll play is fun, but not neccessary. Be my daddy, step daddy, frat brother, frat master, coach, teacher, boss, baby sitter, or whatever you're into. I like it hard. Always have fantasized about getting spanked, paddled or whipped with a belt until I cried real tears, but never have since childhood. Don't even know if I could take it that severe & it isn't expected, but I'm willing to try and expand my limits. I get into all races,all body types, all positions & all adult ages from 18-55. I'm 51 - look 40, brown hair, green eyes, 6'0' & about 50 lbs overweight, but working on it. I need discipline in my life - a man to motivate me. Even though I'm a total bottom, I'm not effiminate. Not into bondage. I live in S.W. suburb of Houston. Can't host, but can travel local area. Can't wait to bend over a man's lap and spanked until I cry like a baby; whipped in front of a mirror so I can see you punishing me; paddled until bare butt is black & blue & spanked with a hair brush over your knee, Sir, until I'm squirming, kicking my legs about, and being told to be still and shut up, and take it like a man. I could get into being spanked in women's panties, and shave if you want. Never have, but have fantasized about it. I can't wait. Please guys - I need it bad - I've been very naughty! Well, I just want to say there’s a lot more to me than the explicit nature of what I just wrote.. I was really horny when I sent it. As I mentioned, I’m an aspiring writer, and want to make the world a nicer place for us all through my writing. I once had this dream, or vision, whatever you want to call it; where Christ took me through this library in Heaven, and showed my many books that had my name as the author on the back binder. He pulled one of them off the shelf, and thumbed through it. The pages were blank. He did so with two other books, and both of them also consisted of nothing more than blank pages. Then He said; “You have to write them.” I’ve always written poetry (since the 6th grade anyway), and have even had many published. Even won some Honorary Mentions. I identify myself – my place in this world, as a poet, but I also want to write novels (much more difficult to do, of course). The first poem I ever wrote was an anti-Vietnam War poem. I’m enclosing a fairly recent anti-war poem. I hope you like it: 'Eyes That Penetrate Rain Who are you young man, or rather, who were you? Your image is faint in this place without paint, like a ghost in a ghostly place. Such paleness in white surroundings; pale but for eyes of pain, eyes that penetrate rain . This must be a dream. This must be a dream. This is a place without breath – a place full of death – a place of no color; pale but for eyes of pain, eyes that penetrate rain. Out of blood recoiled lips you speak softly of war – softly of the harshness of war. Is there an aim to this dream, or is the aim as aimless as war? Through the rain I now see, as white lips speak to me, the background of the violence of war; and the artist of death behind a ghost born of war, paints on a canvas of blood – his brush stained of red, from portraying the dead, washes clean from the rain in this dream. With a morning strand of sun, this nightmare which had begun so suddenly, suddenly ceased. It was a place of white surroundings, pale but for eyes of pain, eyes that penetrate rain. Eyes that penetrate rain.'
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