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jamden Male 35 Gay Relationship
Looking for a strict, but understanding and sane dad that will treat me like the boy I am. I am very friendly, out going with a mischievous attitude. I am average looking, small in stature, smooth all over. I would love for my Dad to give me lots of affection, such as nice hugs and little pats on my bottom. When I am naughty Dad still takes the time to talk with me before punishment, sitting me on his lap for a dad son conversation, before he announces my discipline. After taking down my jeans. dad walks me over to the corner, puts my nose in it, so I can reflect on my bad behavior. At his leisure he takes me by the ear, and leads me over to his spanking chair, my underwear is taken down and I find myself high up on his lap with my legs off the air, kicking frantically. After my spanking Dad sits me back in his lap and talks to me about the need for being a 'good boy' - then I find myself back in the corner bare bottom on display for more refection time. I would also be interested in dad bathing me and putting me in diapers (nothing messy) - just an hour or longer wearing a diaper with the heat being kept inside it, radiating an no whee to go but inside my diaper. I am open to other discipline methods but not restraints or bdsm. Hit me up Dad ... face pics will be sent after out first couple of phone chats. I cant travel but not accommodate, and I will not play in a hotel. Talk with you soon dad.
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