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Working on bucket list - getting paddled in all 50 states & DC
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Looking to be on the receiving end of a good sound paddling. Paddle is preferred implement; others can be used as part of a scene. Working on a bucket list item of getting paddled in all 50 states and DC. As of September 2018, I have 14 states crossed off the list. Will repeat states and spankers. Frat and coach scenes are good; so are scenes involving challenges, games and bets. An ideal scene would be the detention from the coach of ?? minutes. Coach uses the paddle regularly in class, but has warned you that you do not want to get a detention from him. He has said not only will you get a minimum of XX swats, but you will spend the rest of your detention in forced workout with the paddle being used generously for poor performance, to keep you motivated and just because. And if you are unfortunate and are the only guy with a detention that day, well ... you'll get the coach's undivided attention. And you certainly don't want to get another detention during your detention.
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