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Naughty boy will suck Daddy for a good spanking or be your Daddy and spank your bare bottom bright red and then take you
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igetspnkd Male 64 Bisexual Play partner - top
I enjoy having my bare bottom spanked a bright red for being a naughty boy until I agree to pleasure my Daddy Dom in any way he wants and to find myself back over his knees if I don't do it right. I love sucking Daddy's cock when my bottom is burning from a good spanking. I also enjoy role play and finding ways and scenes to 'earn' my spanking for being a naughty boy. I also enjoy being spanked and then to have Daddy fill my sore bottom. and diapered and being encouraged with a good spanking to suck daddy's special hard pacifier. There's nothing like having a Daddy fuck me when my ass is on fire from a good spanking and then being made to clean off Daddy's cock after he's fucked me in my well spanked ass. I also like when Daddy takes a strap to his naughty boy until I am begging him to stop which he will only when he's ready, of course.
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