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Hi guys. Revised profile.... Trim, sexy guy here who is attractive and sane. My special turn on is to have a man 'pat' or swat me on the backside. It seems my butt is hard wired to my dick. I can be fully clothed, naked, or wearing tightly woven material like boardshorts/swimsuit/underwear. One tap and I get an instant boner. While I can handle full-on spank sessions they're not really what I'm looking for. I've had my share of arm wielding whacks and they don't satisfy my itch. I'm looking for a guy who appreciates the artful experience of making a guy squirm for a long session without causing excess pain or marks. I really appreciate surrendering control, some forced stripping, possibly some restraint, and the sound and feel of a man's hand making contact with my butt. There's no better feeling for me than to get a hug from a man along with his palm making contact with my hot butt. Hit me up you want to try to get together. I travel sometimes so I might be near you one of these days. Take care...
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