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looking for spankees male or female or female spankers [if you know any]
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goodspnkns Male 74 Straight Play partner - bottom
I'm a switch in Dayton with family in OK. Pics in my profile are my handy work. I'm a switch who spanks both male and female bottoms and I have a long time 'er who fits my needs. . I am open to local 'ers, especially women. I like to travel and will come to you to spank your needy bottom. For anyone long distance from dayton, OH, more than 100 miles, I will meet you half way. How I spank depends on your needs. We agree on what you need. I will deliver it- -no more and no less than what you want. No brutality. What do I want most? To spank needy bottoms--spankings that fulfill both a spankee's needs and my desire to spank. Interested in friendship, not sex or exclusive 'love.' [Unless you are a woman, near my age.] : )
Dayton Ohio
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