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Spanking...What Else!
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fesser Male 55 Straight Play partner - switch
I used to do all the spanking with girls. I gave, they received. Then one wanted to give to me and I let her. She started giving to me all the time and I liked it. I did not know what I had been missing. Then a male friend of mine found out about my interest and offered to spank me. I was hesitant at first but I decided a good spanking is just that. So I took it and enjoyed it. Now I look for a guy every now and then for a change. It is fun. I like to be naked to get spanked. I like bare hand,leather belt and leather paddle. I like the guy to stay dressed. It seems naughtier for me to be the only one naked. I like to be over your knee or layed over the bed. I like the endorphin rush. It feels very physical and I like to be sore and tired afterward. Height: 5'10' Weight: 185 Body Type: Fit Race: White Orientation: Straight Active Role: Switch Experience Level: Experienced Availability: Discreet Level of Pain: Heavy Implements: Hand, Paddle, Belt, Strap, Tawse
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