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I am a 60 year old Texas teacher looking for young men in need of good bare-bottom spanking. I like spanking 'bad boys' aged 18-50 who are built anywhere from slim to muscular (not overweight, please!) There are really three types that I'm looking for: (1) Young men who need help with structure, discipline, and a direction in their lives, I will help to build a fire under YOU with the application of fatherly motivations using lectures and OTK, bare-bottomed spankings. (2) Young men who have gotten by on their good looks and charm and are feeling guilty about, I will help YOU 'atone' for your misdeeds and provide guidance and discipline so that you can do better! I am a teacher with many years of experience dealing with unruly or unmotivated young men. (3) Young men who enjoy the adrenalin rush that comes with both the anticipation and receipt of a good spanking. Many have told me that this 'drug-free high' is addictive. I will help you achieve it!
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