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Spanker seeking spankees, LI, NY
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despot Male 70 Straight Play partner - bottom
I am a 68yo Dom and I like spanking all types of people including, str8, gay, couples, etc. and also like intimate touching, fingering and anal play. I am happy to use any implements you may have on hand including paddles, brushes, dildo's, enema's etc. Except for occasionally using my belt I only use your implements. All severity I use is based on your limits, although I will push that boundary sometimes as I am a bit sadistic. If you want something done or not, it's best to let me know beforehand and in a different settiing, like this one. Once I start, there isn't much you can say to change my mind. Safe sex only, but sex is unlikely. I expect my subs to be totally obedient. I cannot host. I will not pay for a room.
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