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Give, take, trade long stinging red-hot bare bottom spankings
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dcspank Male 65 Gay Play partner - switch
Seeking masculine men 30s to late 60s to give, take or trade good long stinging red- hot bare bottom spankings. Love the man-to-man intimacy and bonding created by long hot spankings, especially repeated over time. Enjoy Dom/sub role play; also like 1 man warming up another man's bare butt just because he wants to and he knows he can (and knows the other wants and needs it, too). Like to start slow and build gradually so that each spanking can last a long time. Firm hand, small paddle, wide leather strap, hairbrush, tawse, razor strop. OTK, over the bed, wheelbarrow position, etc. Love your reactions, so the longer you moan, squirm, beg me to stop and promise to be good, the longer I'll keep smacking, paddling and strapping your bare ass. With role play, can also get into corner time, rectal temps, mouth soaping, leather restraints. J/O or hot fun can follow if we like. Take a break, then start the next spanking.... I've spent a dozen spanking weekends in cabins in the woods where we spanked and played again and again, day and night all weekend long. Sound hot to you? Write and tell me about yourself and what kinds of spankings work best for you and let's meet and make it happen. Live in Dupont Circle and have a good place to play or can come to your place. Travel mid-Atlantic area, New England, midwest, west coast and Europe. Gay, straight, married, bi, local and out of town visitors all welcome. Hook-ups, FWB are great; a LTR with spanking would be great, too.
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